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On the left is team photo featuring some of the girls in our team from year 7 to sixth form. 

In addition to our G&L team, Pulsar is an international collaboration of young scientists and writers from India to the USA.

Many thanks to our team without whom our magazine would not be possible; their infectious enthusiasm and love of science drives our team.

Founder & Senior Editor 


Sophie is an IB student; as the founder of Pulsar magazine she hopes the magazine will be a force of change in increasing involvement in science from people of all backgrounds and celebrating the innate scientist in all young people that always questions why... Sophie is passionate about imparting some of her love and curiosity for the natural world with young people to encourage them to take responsibility in protecting their environment. Sophie can often be found running, playing with her dog Griffin or lost in conversation with friends.

Senior Editor 


Maddy, like Sophie, is a lower sixth student at Godolphin and Latymer, studying the IB. She is an aspiring medic and is very passionate about all realms of science. Her motivation behind Pulsar is because of her own experience: she felt that whilst growing up there was nothing in the market that could satisfy her insatiable need for scientific facts. Well… nothing child friendly. Maddy wants to inspire children into STEM fields and cultivate a love for science within every child. She wants the future generation to break from the conventional stereotypes of who should be in this field and so this magazine aims to promote not only science but also gender empowerment and diversity. This is not only ‘just’ a science magazine… it is much, much more!


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